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Our offices and campus have a strong infrastructure including full backup power, non stoppower supply, proper ISP connections and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions About Hiring SEO Assistants






Why are your personnel located offshore?

Our personnel are located in India. There are numerous factors that make India the preferred location for establishing outsourcing operations. India is known for its high-quality English-speaking mass and quality services.

You can save on your costs and time. Outsourcing to India is one of those stints that has been a hit all over the world. The difference in the value of currencies helps saving the large chunk of money you would otherwise have to pay to your staff.


Your prices are so low! Sould I be worried about the quality?

Absolutely not. We are a progressive company and employ the finest of staff who go through a number of tests before being hired. We provide excellent working environment and team satisfaction for our personnel. Our low prices are due to the relative economics of the India compared to countries like the US/UK, and all of our team members receive good wages in the context of their local economy.

What kind of infrastructure do you have?

We have a stiff and compact infrastructure. We provide our services under state-of-the-art infrastructure with complete backup power, uninterruptable power supply, multiple high-speed ISP connections and structured networks.

What are the tasks performed at your SEO center?

Our comprehensive SEO center plays several roles including gathering information about your requirements to ensure that our seo staff are properly equipped with the information they need to provide quality seo service.



Do I have to use dedicated staff provider option?

Yes. The dedicated staff Option provide you monthly seo service for your website online marketing campaign. To promote website on search engine, website require continuous work on your website and for this dedicated montly staff is benficial and cost effective as well.

How do I know that my business details will be safe?

Client confidentiality is a part of our business. As part of the sign-up process we enter into a legally binding agreement with you which includes relevant non-disclosure clauses. We take all security and privacy issues extremely seriously and stringently insist on the utmost professionalism from our seo staff at all times. Within our company, information about you and your service is only provided to staff on a need-to-know basis.

What is the time-frame involved for start-up?

Once you have supplied us with your details via our questionnaires, we generally require one days to organize your full time dedicated seo staff. This is to ensure the smoothest possible transition of your seo services. It you have ant specific requirements, you may require t discuss with your assigned seo staff to handle all your needs.

I operate within the adult industry. Can you help me?

Yes, we are able to provide seo services to work with adult content.

Will the assigned SEO Assistant work exclusively for me?

Your assigned SEO Assistant will work solely on your account to ensure the highest quality of seo service to your business.

Can I use a time zone of my country?

Yes, SEO staff can work in your time zone as well, so you can directly communicate with them and contraol the seo progress.

  • Australia
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Europe

Can I also skype/chat with dedicated seo staff?

Yes, you can skype and chat with hired seo staff in working time zone and contraol seo progress.

Are there any hidden costs or charges?

No, there is no hidden cost and charges.



What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments through PayPal. PayPal provide quick and easy payment facilities so if you are not already a member that is not a problem - it will still only take you a few minutes to place your order.

Can I pay you via Bank Transfer?

Yes, you can pay through Direct Bank Trasnfer as well.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express through PayPal.

Do you offer a free trial?

We do not offer free trials however we do provide a 14-day money-back guarantee under which, if you are not satisfied with our seo service for any reason then all you need to do is cancel within 14 days of placing your order and we will refund any unused portion of your fees in full.




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