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Our offices and campus have a strong infrastructure including full backup power, non stoppower supply, proper ISP connections and more.

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Full Time Dedicated SEO Expert

Hire a Dedicated SEO Experts Services & see your business growth

Hiring Dedicated SEO expert is the best option for a comprehensive SEO requirement to the businesses. You can procure the added advantage of more focused approach and cost cutting. With dedicated SEO expert you get guaranteed good search engine rankings, skilled resources, cost advantage, excellent communication, flawless project management, immediate query handling and a result oriented approach. ArnavGupta.com offers full time dedicated SEO expert to the business.

Why Hire Dedicated SEO Expert or SEO team?

  1. Focused full time dedicated seo expert produces quick & great results.
  2. Value for money, we offer pricing that gives you high quality at competitive rates.
  3. Efficient control and monitoring through effective communication.
  4. Dependable and trustworthy SEO expert
  5. Excellent reporting structure, Weekly or Daily Reporting.

How do I communicate with dedicated SEO Expert?

Dedicated SEO expert is always available to you through mail, IM or Skype.

Can a dedicated SEO expert handle all my SEO requirements?

We have pool of highly skilled SEO Assistants with experience in different SEO segments, can promote website world wide web. SEO expert always aware of latest SEO trends and strategies and capable of taking extra steps to ensure that your campaign is a success.

What if I have different SEO requirements and want to hire specialists of each?

ArnavGupta.com offers specialist of different SEO methods, who are expert in that particular segment. You can hire seo expert any of the following:

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO): SEO experts are well experienced, professionals with more than 1-6 years of experience who help you to grow your e-business globally in major search engines using proven search engine optimization strategies.

Link Building Experts: Link building is one of the toughest and challenging approaches which need extra level of care and experience. Our link building experts help you to create awareness and credibility for your site. With great link popularity they ensure you higher SERP and page rank.

PPC Management Experts: PPC experts can manage your PPC bids for your ad campaigns, click rates and ROI. They keep on analyzing and monitoring every campaign to ensure you get a better ROI.

SEO Content Writers: With changing Search engine strategies, it is important to have not only impressive but well optimized content in web pages, articles, blogs, press release etc. You may hire a dedicated content writer who can research your market more closely and ensures you get quality content for your web campaign.

What you offer with every dedicated seo expert?

  • 8 hours a day, 25 days a month of working.
  • A favorable working environment.
  • Guaranteed timely communication through emails and IM.
  • Weekly work reporting as per your need.
  • Highly skilled seo expert.
  • Strictly offered hourly working per day.
  • Hardware and software infrastructure
  • Multiple High Bandwidth Internet connection: Broadband & Leased Line

How much I need to pay for a dedicated SEO expert?

Dedicated seo expert cost depend the sites handle by him/her, review SEO Pricing & Request a free quote, we will contact you with best quote.




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You can avail of our SEO services at affordable costs, from only $2.50 per hour for a full time SEO Assistant.
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70% Cost Savings

Businesses can save on:
  • Holiday Pay
  • Sick Leave
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Infrastructure costs
  • Increaments/incentives
  • Recruitment Costs
  • Employee Insurance
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We believe in customer satisfying, you can cancel within 14 days if you are not satisfied with our seo services.


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Dedicated SEO Staff

Our friendly and highly skilled SEO staffs are well experienced to meet your needs.

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